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As the new pearl jewelry you discovered at the JCK Las Vegas and Couture jewelry shows arrives in stores, what happens next is as important as the finds themselves! I am talking about merchandising and displays and making a new impression with your pearl jewelry. Most clients already think pearls are classic, iconic, traditional, etc., but now it’s time to show another point of view. You’re looking to elicit remarks like this: “I’ve never seen pearls look like this.” “There are more design options than I ever imagined.” “There’s more variety.” You get the picture.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Won’t this new pearl jewelry speak for itself on my beautiful displays?” Yes it will, but I’m suggesting you create extra excitement and focus for a specific amount of time, as if you were doing a new product launch. Create a presentation that is memorable and unexpected to grab your client’s attention, and then after a designated period, you can place what’s left of the new pearl jewels back into your regular in-case displays.

So, how do you create such an environment? Approach this as if you’re having a pop-up or trunk show. Choose an important showcase or in-store location, pick a theme, select props to support the theme, select the merchandise in matched, companion, or lifestyle assortments, and then lay out your story! Different merchandising approaches can include textiles, cinnamon sticks, frames, leaves, or other natural elements found at most craft stores. These are easy and inexpensive ways to display pearl jewelry. Do not be intimidated! Think of this endeavor as a no rules, fun approach to telling your new story with pearls. Clever merchandising and displays get conversations started and lead to sharing all the wonderful newness that pearls offer! And ultimately, they drive the desire to buy!

Kathy Grenier is the marketing director of the Cultured Pearl Association of America and the business development director at Imperial Pearl.

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