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The Suzanne Kalan x CPAA Tahitian Pearl Capsule Collection

To help celebrate 60 years of Tahitian cultured pearls, CPAA and renowned jewelry designer Suzanne Kalandjian of Suzanne Kalan Jewelry teamed up. The result is a stunning new Tahitian Pearl capsule collection dubbed Suzanne Kalan x CPAA Tahitian Pearls. 

Thanks to support from the government of French Polynesia, CPAA worked with Kalandjian to feature Tahitian pearls in a collection of their own. Known for her innovative use of diamond baguettes, Kalan bought high-quality Tahitian pearls from a CPAA member dealer and created a small number of Tahitian pearl jewels to start. CPAA then photographed the finished jewels and conducted a video interview with Kalan in Los Angeles. 

The collection debuted at the 2021 Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas. CPAA caught up with Kalandjian afterwards to learn about retailer response. 

CPAA: How have retailers responded to the new Tahitian pearl collection?

Suzanne Kalandjian: Exceptionally well. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction from retailers, customers, and the press. It hasn’t just been in the U.S. either; I have many clients in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe who have also been wowed by it. 

CPAA: What pieces have been most popular?

SK: To be honest they’ve all been so incredibly popular it’s quite difficult to say which has been the most. All I can say is the reaction to my using the emeralds alongside the Tahitian pearls has really made the collection. This has certainly been the feedback that has been passed to me. 

CPAA: How many orders for Tahitian pearl pieces were placed at Couture?

SK: Every piece of Tahitian pearl jewelry we made for Couture—there were 25, and all one of a kind—were sold by the second day. Although we pulled each piece from the showcase as soon as they were sold, we continued showing to retailers so they could get an idea of the collection. We promised everyone we would make more and send images of the finished items. We are in the process. Neiman Marcus has ordered some of the pieces, but I have many other retailers such as Harrods who are desperate to get their hands on the collection. 

CPAA: How have black or Tahitian cultured pearls changed the fine cultured pearl landscape?

SK: They’ve added a contemporary edge to what is often seen as quite traditional when using pearls. Black pearls are dramatic yet elegant. Being black, they hold a focal point for any other colored or white gemstone to work well against. For example, the Tahitian pearl in our 18k yellow gold and emerald ring literally pops against the emeralds!”

Earrings in 18k yellow gold with 12.4 mm round Tahitian pearls and 2.30 cts. t.w. baguette-cut emeralds, $14,000 SRP; Ring in 18k yellow gold with a 17.3 mm round Tahitian pearl and 6.60 cts. t.w. baguette-cut emeralds, $36,000 SRP; Earrings in 18k yellow gold with 14.6 mm button-shape Tahitian pearls and 2.41 cts. t.w. baguette-cut emeralds, $20,000 SRP;

Suzanne Kalan, Info@suzannekalan.com