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When purchasing or requesting fine jewelry, what gemstone do you look for most often as a gift for someone? (Consumers were asked to select their top two.)

56% Diamond

30% Pearl

20% Sapphire

15% Emerald, Ruby


Strand of Tahitian and natural-color pink freshwater pearls from Eliko Pearl, email

mail@elikopearl.com for details

Kalan_emerald earrings.jpg

Earrings in 18k yellow gold with emeralds and Tahitian pearls are part of a new Tahitian Pearl Capsule collection from Suzanne Kalandjian of Suzanne Kalan and the Cultured Pearl Association of America. For more information, email victoria@suzannekalan.com or kathyspearl@gmail.com.

What cultured pearl varieties do you recognize? Select all that you recognize.

66% freshwater

32% white/cream Akoya

32% black Tahitian

20% white South Sea

18% blue Akoya

16% silver/gray South Sea

16% golden South Sea

What shapes of cultured pearls do you recognize? Select all that you recognize.

69% Round

33% Circle or Ringed

29% Drop

25% Off Round

19% Button

19% Novelty Shapes

17% Seed or Rice

16% Keshi

15% Irregular Shapes, Sticks, Feathers

13% Baroque

10% Coin

7% Flake

6% Mabé

Pearls- Akoya 1.jpg

Mixed colors and shapes of akoya pearls from Baggins and Eliko Pearl

Photo: Ted Morrison

Specialty pearls- Faceted.jpg

Faceted drop-shape Tahitian pearls from Eliko Pearl; email mail@elikopearl.com with inquiries