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Russian-born Liza Urla debuted her Gemologue.com platform in 2009 while still a student at GIA in New York City, and its popularity has mushroomed alongside her love of pearls. “It was still early days for bloggers—‘influencers’ weren’t yet a thing,” she explains. Still, the digital jewelry platform took root as a place to celebrate fine jewelry of all kinds, including pearls.

“I absolutely adore pearls, because they are one of nature's most beautiful embellishments,” she continues. “I often incorporate them into my looks—be it either a pearl face, a pearl-encrusted kokoshnik, pearl shoulders, pearl corset, or a headdress made entirely of pearls!”

Below, the busy creative opens up about her love of the organic gem and some of her most innovative pearl projects.

Why do you love pearls?

Pearls excite me because of my upbringing in Russia: they are in my DNA. I feel pearls are for women everywhere a celebration of self-love that can instantly put a confident smile and a luminescent glow of delight on their faces! Since I launched Gemologue.com, my aim has always been to raise awareness about pearls, change the perception about pearl

Pearl Personality

Liza Urla

of Gemologue in London

The model, blogger, and gemologist wears many

hats, all of which touch on a love of pearls.