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Luster Award.

This winning piece represents the evolution of a best-selling pearl jewelry design and bears a covetable and marketable concept with wide appeal for the marketplace.

U.S. Winners

President’s Trophy. This top prize is given to the piece deemed the most beautiful and original design concept that is well made, celebrates pearls, and leaves a lasting impression of pearls as must-have gems.

Spotlight Award—Golden South Sea pearls. This category focuses on designs where 75 percent of the piece features one type of pearl—the Golden South Sea pearl for this year. This winning piece should make viewers think about golden pearls and all their colors, including natural-color deep gold, champagne, and buttery yellow, in a way that is fresh and modern, challenges the standard of designs that feature it, and entices a non-pearl-lover to start collecting.

Winner Matariki Rising Golden South Sea Pearl ring by Paul Klecka of Paul Klecka Inspired Design

Winner Mosaic Tahitian Pearl earrings by Samira Sizdahkani of Samira 13 Jewelry

Visionary Award for Classic Styles. This winning piece is attractive, creative, and salable, championing a fresh look for an iconic pearl style—strands, studs, bracelets, or a ring—to help change the dated perception of pearls in the market.

Visionary Award for Classic Styles, Winners Tie!

Giselle South Sea Pearl earrings from Rosa Van Parys or Rosa Van Parys Jewelry

These earrings also took the Popularity Award by way of votes on the @pearlscpaa Instagram account.

Visionary Award for Classic Styles, Winners Tie! Freshwater Coin Pearl ring by Alishan Halebian of Alishan Jewelry

Orient Award. This winning piece appeals to an emerging pearl jewelry collector — someone who has never before thought of wearing pearls — through attractive design, innovative use of pearls, and an accessible price.

Winner Double Hyacinth Fold Freshwater Pearl ring by Karin Jacobson Jewelry (This piece has already sold at the Aaron Faber Gallery)