Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 4

ThisFunktional PAGE 03 T Staying in is the new Going out Vacation recommendations Written by Eli Kay Staff Writer I had the grand idea to book a hotel room for a couple of days and just stay in to pamper myself and relax away from my everyday life. On the first day, I had a swim in the heated pool, went in the sauna, treated and pampered myself and had a walk in the local park. By the first night I was running out of things to do. What to do when you are on vacation, but you just don’t want to be bothered? Here are a few ideas on how to relax and have a good time while doing it. WHAT NOT TO DO Don’t spy on other hotel residents or call their room numbers. Don’t hide in the closet when the cleaning person comes and jump out to scare them. Don’t jump on the bed all night, other hotel guest may get the wrong idea. WHAT TO WATCH Watch “American Horror Story.” If you haven’t watched seasons 3 and 4, you should definitely invest a few hours to this incredibly clever, simply horrifying WHAT TO DO When there is nothing left to do, remember the and utterly amazing scary show. people who are back home. Grab one of the local magazines that are in the room WHAT NOT TO WATCH and make postcards from the country’s photos. The Don’t watch “Stargate Atlantis.” Now that might be something that would be available on a hotel people you care about will appreciate the effort. Have a nice long bubble bath with the complimentary television or Netflix, but that would be a mistake, shower gel in the bathroom. Let that stress just float unless you want to immediately fall asleep. away. Feeling daring, call room service and have a chat WHERE TO SURF with the employee about the menu, the hotel facilities, If you have a smart phone or a tablet you can have the weather, your lives, your future and see how long hours of fun with these amazing games. they will stay on the phone. Take selfies with random backgrounds from around Looney Tunes Dash the hotel and edit them to look like those leaked VIP Candy Crush Soda pictures. It would just be hilarious. My Om Nom