Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 28

PAGE 27 T ThisFunktional Thisfunktional Monthly events Monster teams up with Fatal1ty gaming Written by Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer Monster announces partnership with gamer Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel at a special luncheon at The Palms restaurant in Los Angeles, California on June 17. Fatal1ty and Monster will collaborate on the design and technical specifications for “Fatal1ty by Monster,” which will bring higher quality sound made to improve the gaming experience. “We are collaborating with Fatality,” Noel Lee, CEO of Monster, said. The line of gaming gear is set to improve the sound of gaming and have it affordable. Gaming systems continue to push the limits of the visuals, but have neglected the sound. Monster hopes to make the sound as good as the visual. “It’s called pure monster sound.,” Lee said. Lee stressed the clarity of the sound, the response in the headphones and it gets the listener closer to the music. “We reproduce with pure monster sound what the microphone hears so that hitting or the pick on a guitar sound, the bow drawing on a violin, that Alicia Keys voice which comes from here (the heart) as well as here (vocal chords) flows,” Lee said. “You are going to hear that.” The idea is to make the sound responsive to time and location where the sound would be coming from. “How do you hear things? You hear three things. One is how loud, two is what frequency it is and three is time,” Lee said. “Time is the arrival of those signals to your ears.” The purpose of the improvement to the Johnathan Wendel (left) and Noel Lee at the announcement of the partnership. sound would be to increase the enjoyment and emergence of the video game experience. The brain can interpret distance because of the time it takes to hear the noises around people. Monster hopes to be able to work with Fatal1ty to bring that aspect to gaming.