Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 26

PAGE 25 T ThisFunktional Thisfunktional Anime ‘5 Centimeters per second’ on DVD in U.S. Written by Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer The spectacular story and animation of“5 Centimeters per second” is on sale on DVD in the U.S. for the first time. In the three-part story, young boy Takaki journeys from Tokyo to reunite with best friend Akari, encounters as a teenager getting ready to leave high school and as an adult looks back at how his friendship with Akari has affected his life. The animation is fascinating and beautiful to match an emotional story. Each frame of the film is creatively crafted and designed to capture the audience’s eye with magnificent color choices. The hiit anime’s new English track is produced by Comix Wave Films with the translation and subtitles by MX International Inc. “5 Centimeters per second” is distributed in the U.S. by Crunchyroll. Special DVD features brand new English track by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, animated music video directed by Shinkai, feature film storyboard edition, theatrical trailers, cast interview and an interview with Shinkai. 5 Centimeters per second refers to the speed at which cherry blossoms fall from the trees. The film’s tag line asks the question “At what speed must I live in order to see you again?” The acclaimed director Shinaki also directed “The Garden of Words” and “The Place Promised in our Early Days.”