Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 22

PAGE 21 T ThisFunktional Thisfunktional Interview Actress Katerina Katelieva showcases acting talent Written by Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer “Evangeline” transforms a sweet innocent girl to a vengeful woman to be dealt with. The role of Evangeline, played by Katerina Katelieva, is both innocent and edgy as she transforms throughout the movie. “They were shot in different takes, so it gave me time to switch emotionally and obviously physically,” Katelieva said. “I had to remind myself occasionally which scene sequence we were in, but for the most part it was fairly effortless.” Katelieva was able to showcase two sides of her acting and mesh them together to be a singular believable character. “Edgy. (It was) way more fun,” Katelieva said. The portrayal of Evangeline, such a multi-layered character, wasn’t an easy task. Katelieva was excited to be a part of the film and to take on the character from the moment she read the script. “It had a complicated lead female character and a good storyline,” Katelieva said. “It was a stylishlywritten horror and I knew the direction would reflect that. I think we made a beautiful film.” Part of what thrilled her was being able to do her own stunts. She was not afraid to give the film all she had to be able to make something she is proud to have been a part of. “I’ve said this many times, so hopefully I’m not repeating myself too much. I got to do my own stunts. It’s a rare opportunity for an actor,” Katelieva said. Along with being able to do her own stunts, she was able to suggest what her character should be like, while staying true to the character in the script. An added sexiness and huntress characteristic helped Katelieva make her character exactly the character she wanted to play. “I thought that would be interesting to watch, because in stories it’s usually the male hunter playing with a female victim. It’s something we are, unfortunately, used to watching,” Katelieva said. “In Evangeline’s case, the guys actually deserve to die, they have it coming. It was important to me that her killing scene was uncomfortable for people to watch because it would later justify her actions and the audience would root for her, so i put a lot of work into that one particular scene too.” There’s more to the story than just a revenge story. There’s more for audiences to enjoy. “The cinematography is beautiful. The storyline is interesting a