Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 20

ThisFunktional PAGE 19 T Mike's Movie M 'MOVIE GIRL OF THE MONTH' Jessica Cameron I would love to play the female lead in The Shining. I would play her more modern and stronger, and I would be curious to see how this changed the dynamic from the film as it currently is since she is so passive. Twitter: @JessicaCameron_ Instagram: @actressjessicacameron ATTENTION FEMALE MOVIE FANS! Want to be my ‘MOVIE GIRL OF THE MONTH?’ Just answer the questions below and send 12 or more photos of yourself to mikethemovieguy@gmail. com. Name: Age: City: What’s your favorite action movie? What’s your favorite comedy? What’s your favorite drama? What’s your favorite horror? What’s your favorite sci-fi & fantasy? What’s your favorite chick flick? What was the last movie you saw? What movie are you looking forward to seeing? If you could be a character in ANY movie, who would it be? and why? What’s the perfect movie snack? What the one movie everyone should have in their DVD collection? What movie should have NEVER been made? What’s your Twitter? What’s your Facebook? What’s your Instagram? What’s your Website? Please send 12 or more photos – they can be any type. Just CUT & PASTE the questions and answers – and send everything to mikethemovieguy@gmail. com. Playmate host Written by Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer First Mexican-American Playmate of the year Raquel Pomplun hosts a special iPic theater screning of “Self/less” in Los Angeles. After the screening Pomplun joined guests at a reception where she spoke with guest and took photos. As a biochemistry major, pomplun was thrilled at the opportunity to host the screening for the sci-fi film. “It’s a more indepth film. When you watch the trailer you don’t know what to expect for the end. It tricks your mind and you say ‘Iwant to see it, i want to be a part of this new