Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 2

From the editor: The rebirth of Thisfunktional. Magazine comes with a total redesign of the layout of each page. The design of the magazine has been in question for the last few months as little elements such as the page number and the fonts used for the text. With a new design comes new content, better content and more focused content. Although Thisfunktional is based out of Los Angeles, where much of the mainstream entertainment comes from, the content in the magazine is focused on the best quality not just the most trending content. Indie films are staff favorites, indie music as well. There may be some big names and titles, but to balance things out there will also be more. Much like other issues artists will be profiled through “Anima É Cuore Studio’s Artist Appreciation.” Independent artists as well as working artist will be featured. Artist through many mediums, from fine artists to performance artists. For this issue has Anime Expo 2015 on the cover with Myth and KISS being the main focus of this year’s convention. Anime and manga are featured in newsegments as well. Monster audio teams up with Fatal1ty to bring higher quality audio to gaming so that the audio can match the video. For the foodies out there a new foodie section has been added. There’s something in this issue for everyone. Jesus Figueroa Editor-in-Chief of Thisfunktional Grinding the gears- Anima É Cuore Studios Artist Laura Dickenson’s 2012 Challenge work sketch drawn with drawing pencils and made to look fierce. (Drawing courtesy Anima É Cuore) of