Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 02 Issue 1 June 2015 - Page 16

PAGE 15 T ThisFunktional “This year will be on a bigger scale. We have the convention fully behind us this year, in terms of promotion and marketing, so the audience size will be on a whole other level,” DeVille said. “We’re also really focusing on making the show more Anime focused overall, rather that just generic cosplay.” Tickets are on sale now for $25 and can be purchased through the website at Studio TRIGGER will premiere “Little Witch Academia:The Enchanted Parade,” the sequel to the hit animation “Little Witch Academia.” The WagakkiBand will be playing their first U.S. show at the Anime Expo 2015 “Cool Japan Festival” on July 4th at Club Nokia. The band’s video for Senbonzakura has over 21 Million views already, and their latest single, “Ikusa/Nadeshiko Sakura” is the theme song for the anime TV show adaptation of Koei’s “Samurai Warriors.” Front woman Yuko Suzuhana is in fact the champion of a nationwide Shigin contest. Backing Suzuhana are 7 members playing traditional instruments including Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Shamisen (3 string guitar like instrument), Koto (Japanese Harp), and Taiko (Japanese drum). They released their debut album Vocalo Zanmai in 2014, which hit Top 10 twice during a 22 week stay in the Top 100 of Japan’s Oricon weekly charts. While their video “Senbonzakura” hit 10 million views within a few months of release. The band’s performances in Japan historically sell out on the same day the tickets were released and their performance in Paris was the highlight of the 15th Japan Expo to over 4,000 fans. Ticket prices for their US debut on July 4 will start at $50 and are available via the Anime Expo website: Premier Fans who wish to apply their included ticket to this event can make their request here. Please note that Premier Fans who request General Admission (Floor/Balcony) tickets will be allowed early access with Pit ticketholders.