Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper - Page 7

page 2 Searches for games, players and teams during 2014 UEFA Munich vs. Madrid match Google AdWords is fundamentally an auction, with click costs going up and down based on competitor activity, search volume and even the quality/relevance of your site to the ads that have been written. Google is in the business of making money, and fundamental to this is making sure users get the right answers in response to their search engine queries. World Cup PPC Strategies Ad relevance is therefore important to Google, and so in addition to crafting targeted and relevant landing pages and ad copy, bidding strategies should take into account customer intent, time of day and more as part of a dynamic strategy. Due to the fast-moving nature of AdWords PPC, particularly during sporting tournaments in highly competitive markets, click cost must be controlled and budgets and bidding strategies set according to the keywords that have the most commercial impact. The sweet spot for your individual company will very much depend on your brand, the customer journey you’ve developed and the offers you can make - but there are challenges even for the best-organised campaign. Blueclaw Report 2018