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page iv Introduction The World Cup is a global event, and global opportunity. In pay-per-click advertising, iGaming brands need to manage the potential gains to be made from reaching new audiences, with the potential risk of overspending or being outsmarted by competitors. Although the World Cup is a truly global phenomenon, search engine interest in the World Cup generally spikes hugely but vanishes almost as quickly. Martin Calvert Marketing Director Just look at the Google Trends line for the three previous tournaments – So - even though we must bear in mind that “World Cup 2014” was the most- searched sport event in history (with over 2.2 billion searches), the major challenge for brands is how to capitalise on this large but short-lived opportunity in a cost- effective way. In this document we’re focusing on Google’s AdWords pay-per-click platform as it is the most dominant in the marketplace, and with the greatest amount of sportsbook advertisers. We’ll start with a review of best practice for AdWords in sports betting in general, with football tournaments in particular and then review some of the strategies and approaches brands have undertaken from this year’s World Cup - wrapping up with top tips for profitable PPC campaign management in sportsbook. Whether you’re a major operator, a new affiliate or even a platform provider - pay- per-click advertising likely should be part of your marketing mix - but the right approach is needed to ensure that global events like the World Cup add extra value to your campaigns, without adding extra complexity and risk. We hope you enjoy this paper. Martin Calvert, Marketing Director, Blueclaw [email protected], About Blueclaw Blueclaw is an award-winning digital marketing agency that works with many leading operators and affiliates in the iGaming industry. The agency specialises in winning profitable traffic for its diverse client base of leading names and challenger brands in the ecommerce, iGaming, travel, property and retail markets. World Cup PPC Strategies Blueclaw Report 2018