Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper - Page 23

page 18 8. Target Ad Copy To Player Interests P PC is a digital discipline that allows for a lot of experimentation to guide improvements. The best sportsbook marketers put ego and opinion to one side and identify the best performing ads - and ad copy - using data. Each ad should be optimised for clicks or impressions to get an initial idea of the ads that players are most interested in. Using different phrasing variations in ad copy, guided by competitors, player feedback and other data points and then comparing performance will allow for continuous improvement. Though ad copy should be human and appealing, the precise mix of terms to include can be learned from rotating different versions and A/B testing rigorously to pick up on what players respond most to - and you may be surprised. World Cup PPC Strategies 9. Use Negative Lists To Avoid Unwanted Clicks F ootball is a passion for millions of people, and there’s huge interest in news, events predictions and stories about the game. Unfortunately only a proportion of the people scouring the internet for football insight will be interested in placing a bet. To protect ROI and minimise waste, it’s vital to avoid clicks from individuals who will never make a deposit, regardless of offer. The most powerful way to achieve this is to create a negative list of keywords that you do not want to trigger an ad. When used in combination with other keyword strategies and Ad Group and exact-match best practice, you’ll have a much stronger focus on audiences that can place a bet. Blueclaw Report 2018