Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper - Page 20

page 15 3. Take Advantage Of Competitor Efforts A s a sports betting brand, you’re not the only company that is battling to take full advantage of the AdWords opportunity presented by the 2018 tournament. For that reason, it’s worth taking an especially close look at competitor campaigns – paid and otherwise – to be inspired by approaches that you may not have considered. Apply the learnings that make sense and get a better awareness of who you’re up against and your AdWords strategy will stay grounded and focused on practical opportunities. With a mega-event like the World Cup, there is always a heavy focus on offers used in ad creative and copy, much like during Cheltenham and the Grand National – so pay attention to what competitors are doing here and use whatever leverage you have in terms of creativity or offers to win profitable traffic. World Cup PPC Strategies 4. Don’t Ignore Brand Biddings B idding on your own brand is good practice in PPC in general, as competitors will frequently try and target your potential customers. During the World Cup and other major football tournaments, this is an approach frequently used by large operators as it’s reasonable to assume that much of this traffic will be looking for World Cup odds rather than (for example) information about the brand. While bidding on your own brand may seem counterintuitive, the click cost should be low due to having a high quality score, and the value of safeguarding customers who might otherwise be attracted by competitors offering enhanced odds or other incentives is clear. While PPC can help build a great customer base with the right mix of profitable keywords, focused on the right customers, the offer, relevance, speed and usability presented by your site is key to converting visitors into customers.It’s a lot to get right, even without the fervour of major sporting tournaments - but the stakes (and potential rewards) are even higher during World Cup season when all eyes are on football. Blueclaw Report 2018