Third Party Reports Blueclaw World Cup PPC Research Paper - Page 17

page 12 Betting Brand Search Volume Compared - 2014 Versus 2018 B rand traffic is an important aspect of PPC, as conversions are high while the opportunity exists to capture traffic from players searching for competitor offers. When it comes to the sportsbook brands, the distribution of search volume for some of the major players isn’t too dissimilar to 4 years ago. World Cup 2018 William Hill still gets the lion’s share of volume, which would explain why they only show sporadically on paid ads. Because William Hill perform so well in organic search, they have less reliance on PPC and are happier to let others fight it out. Their focus on PPC is mainly centered around holding down and protecting their own brand terms, using a very strong matched bet offer to ensure audiences are engaged and don’t go elsewhere. World Cup 2018 World Cup PPC Strategies Blueclaw Report 2018