THINKlocal New Berlin - Spring 16' - Page 4

Why Was Thinklocal Created? For many reasons, but the main reason was for our desire to give local businesses and the community something better. PUBLISHER Dot Ten Creative 414-395-8938 SALES Ben Palmer 414-377-4252 CUSTOMER SERVICE Marilyn Cesarz 414-375-2322 CREATIVE Allie Eastwood 414-375-2312 OPERATIONS Ben Palmer 414-446-3522 SHARE YOUR STORY! If you get to know me and my team (as with most small businesses), we don’t simply work for profits; rather we’re driven by our belief in greater things. We know that people like good deals and we’ll bring them, but we want THINKlocal to be more than that. WE WANT TO HELP YOU LEARN ABOUT THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE BUSINESSES IN YOUR COMMUNITY, WHAT DRIVES THEM AND WHY THEY ARE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE. To know that Craig left corporate America 14 years ago to open his HVAC business out of his desire to be a more present father and husband; that Melissa opened her flower shop after years of working for others because she wanted to bring more affordable floral arrangements to people in her community; that Tim is a third generation carpenter whose family has been in this community