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Krishna is a lover of life , food , and people and enjoys travelling . A fun-loving , energetic , charismatic self-motivated , and charming young woman , she is family-oriented and very passionate about her relationships with her friends . She is very much into fashion and believes in “ dressing up and showing up ”. She loves celebrating life , especially through birthdays , irrespective of whether it is her own . She is a successful single mother to her two wonderful boys , Juvaughn age 20 , and Malachi age 12 .
With a drive and passion for success , she firmly believes that success is not instant , but that it is a process . One of her favorite mantras is “ progress not regress ”. Another is “ you ’ ve got to be in it to win it .”
Krishna ' s goal is to continue to progress in all aspects of life , spiritually ( ministry ), family , friends , and work . She has a passion for Obstetrics , Make-up Artistry , and Customer Service .
Krishna believes that “ life is a gift , and you should live it by Faith to its fullest ”.
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