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Boost Your Immune System ¹
Use nature as your doctor and minimise the unpleasantries of going to an actual one . Studies show that spending time among trees and green spaces has a positive effect on our mood . We become more focused , we experience reduced anxiety , and there may also be a positive impact on our blood pressure levels and ; we will not leave this one out — the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline are reduced . In addition , stress generally inhibits our immune system , so one can easily see the value of spending time in an outdoor space .
Easier Meal Prep
Outdoor areas make cooking a breeze . Most people associate a grill with meats , but you can put just about anything on a grill . Grilled fruits are surprisingly delicious . After you ' re through cooking , wait for the grill to cool down and then wipe it off . There are no messy countertops or grease-covered stovetops to worry about . When was the last time your dinner time was this stress-free ? There are a few advantages to cooking outdoors . Two of which are : Grilled food tends to be healthier and more nutritious depending on what you choose to grill — may I suggest lots of fruits and vegetables . And two , why not create a garden and grow your produce , it will save you money , and you are guaranteed to know what you are eating .
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Give Your Eyes a Rest .
As a species , we tend to look at screens a lot throughout the day . If not from work , it is from watching television or playing video games . Whether you feel it or not , your eyes are being impacted . Eye strain causes eye problems as you age , and if you experience regular headaches , well , that may just be it . So take a break , give your eyes some needed rest by spending time in your outdoor living space for a few hours a day , once again , with the phone turned off .
Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a requirement in your diet that contributes to strong bones and teeth . It supports your immune system , assists in diabetes management , and supports lung and heart health . Research also suggests that vitamin D helps to keep cancer at bay . The best way to get this vitamin is by spending time in the sun , which is where your outdoor oasis comes in handy . According to Healthline . com , wearing a tank top and shorts for 10 – 30 minutes three times per week during the summer should be sufficient for most people with lighter skin . People with darker skin may need a bit longer than this .
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Have Family Time
Human beings are social creatures . If you keep yourself closed away all of the time , you will soon feel isolated . This isolation affects your mental health , which will lead to depression . Spending time with family will improve your mood and your children ' s , so be mindful of their need to be outdoors . Time spent outdoors boosts their confidence level and reduces attention fatigue allowing them to be more focused . Build an outdoor area with your family in mind ; there is so much you can do together . Think outdoor family cookouts , and while your loved ones wait , they can play games or soak in the pool if you have one . Add some music and have tons of fun .
Increase Your Home Value
If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon , an outdoor living area will increase the value of your property . Many young and upcoming families will value an outdoor living area when looking to buy a home . So the additional time spent to create one will be worth it if you decide to sell at any point .
Create an Outdoor Living Space and Change Your LifeStyle . If you are looking for a way to boost your family ' s health and have a great place to spend time together , consider building an outdoor living space . It does not have to cost you an arm and a leg , and the reward will be well worth it .
Consider these benefits and start spending more time amongst the trees and grass in the outdoors .
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