TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 66


7 Benefits of Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Contributed by Donna Hunter , Outdoor Living Feature Editor
How do you unwind after a hard day ?
Your outdoor living space isn ' t just a great place to add plants and stepping stones . Discover the benefits of a backyard oasis on the mind , body , and soul and ease your stress by creating your very own outdoor space . Your health and other areas of your life will experience the benefits and thank you . Keep reading our list of ways your quality of life will improve simply by having this space to call yours .
Ease Stress :
It is nice to have somewhere to relax after a long day at work , and on weekends , especially because our freedom to move about is impeded by covid 19 restrictions . It is also a terrific way to spend your days off . Forget about technology for a minute , switch the gadgets to the off mode , and spend some quiet time with yourself and nature . Throw in a good book and a glass of wine , and have a well-spent afternoon . There are many health benefits to gain when we get rid of distractions . You get to slow down and become present with yourself and your feelings which is good for your mind and your heart .
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