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7 . Form a beauty routine In a pandemic where we are encouraged to distance ourselves from others , we may not feel the need to look " pretty " or do more than the ordinary to take care of ourselves . However , looking drab can negatively affect our moods . How do you feel after massaging your face with the latest beauty product ? Do you feel sassy after applying that dark shade of purple lipstick ? To feel productive while at home , would you prefer pajamas to a fierce outfit ? Create and stick to a beauty routine . A psychology professor advised , " If your mind immediately goes to issues about the current crisis , balance the feeling with a physical routine ." Every now and then , do something a little different to jazz it up .
Mood Tip : * Choose bright and light makeup colours * Add eyelash or hair extensions * Try a new hair colour
8 . Take warm baths A study done at a German university showed evidence that warm baths help to reduce depression . In the average person , core body temperature rises during the days and falls at night but , in depressed people , this temperature rhythm is often delayed by several hours , and they experience poor sleeping patterns . Warm baths increase their core body temperatures , therefore , strengthening and synchronising their circadian rhythms . This helps them to fall asleep at night as melatonin is produced , and feel energized in the mornings when serotonin is released . Moreover , warm baths make you relaxed and less anxious .
Mood Tip : * Add scented candles and essential oils * Bring a bottle of bubbly * Completely wind down and be mindful of the experience
9 . Mirror gazing Meditation There are stories of people who see their reflections melt into monsters after staring at themselves in the mirror for more than 10 minutes . Even scarier is that mirrors often reflect our imperfections , so their use is limited to facilitate quick glances at ourselves . Tara Well , the psychologist , and professor behind this practice explains that it has immense advantages like emotional awareness , an acute sense of self , selfacceptance , and self-compassion .
Mood Tip : * Write your thoughts and feelings after each session * Smile at your reflection * Gaze at your own pace
10 . Look at old photos and videos It was just recently I and a friend bonded over the fact that we both escape to old photos and videos when we feel stressed or sad . I never realized there was actual science behind it . Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings shared that feeling of positivity and happiness are evoked when we revisit old memories . Endorphins are released when we laugh at silly memories and anxiety causing cortisol and adrenalin to be reduced . Photos trigger the brain to help us to recapture the very same emotion we were experiencing in each . They transport us to the moments we see and allow us to recall other memories of the occasions that were not photographed .
Mood Tip : * Capture lots of memories * Save memories in an easily accessible device * Place photographs throughout your home and workspace
Moodlifters return your energy and clarity of mind to be able to do the things you love . There is no hard and fast rule to select any one mood-lifter . You may employ many at once or choose the one you prefer .
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