TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 61

Dear Father Lord ,
The easy question to ask in the face of a challenging situation is " why me "? Yet , in hindsight , the real question becomes , why not me ? What makes me more special than anyone else that I should not endure moments of adversity ? Does this level of thinking suggest that I have lost my humility ?
Being humble is a quality exhibited by Jesus even as he walked the earth performing miracle after miracle and being glorified by His people . So who am I ? The book of Peter reminds us to humble ourselves , " therefore , under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you ".
The truth is that as I continue to fight to design the kind of life that I so badly aspire to , I never want to lose sight of how I need to fly in the face of the Lord ! The personal and spiritual qualities that shaped who I am today that God has instilled in me . I know what it is to have very little , and I know what it is to have in abundance . This knowing must always be used to measure my level of gratitude for the gifts bestowed upon me but must never tilt the balance of the level of entitlement .
Why me ? Maybe to remind me that the higher I climb and the more that I embrace the gifts bestowed upon me , I will forever keep in mind that God alone must be my rock and my center and not the things of this life . I didn ' t realise it but , maybe I needed this not-so-nice experience to bring me back to reality !
Signed , Humbled ...
Contributed by : Alison Browne-Ellis