TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 56

the event itself . We organised a variety show with singing , acting , dancing , and the Press came out . That day I knew I had to work on my stuttering because the Press attempted to interview me and I could barely get my name out . That is a day I will never forget . I received an award from the Prince ’ s Trust and another from the Royal Society of Arts for that undertaking . The Royal Society of Arts asked how they could help to further what I was doing , and I told them I needed help with public speaking . They introduced me to Toastmasters , and here I am today , free from my speech impediment .

I have also opened a space for women to visualise this as a career path and see possibilities in nontraditional and creativitydriven career paths . If you have the gift , and the drive , anything is possible .
TBWM : Clearly , that was God at work right there . China : That ' s what I ’ m saying . When you are close to God , everything works out . I am a girl who was lost and then suddenly introduced to a new world that I would not have contemplated . Then having it take me to places that I never dreamed of — an African refugee girl , getting an opportunity to shine in her giftings , in London , and having all these amazing things happening for her . So , I followed this opportunity for a couple of years then decided I wanted to further my education at the University studying Music Technology and Media and realise my other dream of being a Television Presenter .
But you know we have our hopes and dreams for ourselves , and then God has what He has for you . While at the university , I found out I was dyslexic . It became a struggle for me , but I got the support I needed and had friends who were there for me , and I graduated with my BA in Media Arts and Music Technology . After University I began to think seriously about what I wanted to do . I wanted to be a television presenter my heart was set on that , but I knew the challenge I would have because of my speech issue , even though I had gotten better . While trying to think through the possibility , I started looking online for deejay agencies I could work at . None connected with who I was as a person , and then I had the grand idea to start my own agency . I woke up one morning with the thought , “ an all-female DJ agency ” with the sole aim of raising an awareness of female deejays . I remember calling my girlfriend Tamara and sharing the idea . She said , “ it ’ s up your street — go for it ".
As I recall that conversation , I remember the importance of having the right people around you ; because I had previously shared a similar idea with a male friend who was a huge radio success as a radio Deejay , and his response was the total opposite . He said that I needed to have an influential presence to have a Deejay school . I guess I was too ambitious for him — we no longer share space * laughter *.
Our level of thinking was on two extremes .
I will always be grateful for my girlfriend who told me to go for it . It has been nine ( 9 ) incredible years where I have been on numerous big platforms such as Disney , 14 Downing Street , Formula 1 . Our brand also works with high-end cosmetics brands such as Harrods , Loreal , Fenty Beauty , Marc Jacobs , and more . I have been in Forbes magazine and many other platforms and publications that I could never imagine . It remains important to have the right people around you saying the right stuff and giving you the right energy .
When I started , it was not easy , it was 2012 , and there was a downturn in the financial economy that everyone had to cope with . I started the agency with zero debt because all I learned as I focused on my personal development journey kicked in . One book I had read some time ago taught me the power of investing 10 % of my income , which gave me the financial capacity to start the agency . All of the life skills I learned growing up helped me to put the structure in place that facilitated my success . Within 6 months of launching , I had business coming in via a no bells and whistles website that I managed to construct . Imagine that , non-referral .