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He reminds me of my whys , critiques me , sees me cry , and gives me tough love when he wants me to hold on and not give up ; he makes me feel truly complete . The benefit of having a circle is - we all need that just in time support , none of us has it all together . Just know what role each person plays and allow them to lead when necessary .
TBWM : As a top executive , what are some of the mistakes you see younger women making in the climb to the top , and what advice would you give ?
Carla : " Living for show ” and the crazy get there quickly attitude , which creates a rush and pitfalls . My advice has always been simple , the story of Jack and the beanstalk . Plant a seed and water it daily . Take time to learn , grow and become the true professional by doing what is right , not what is popular .
TBWM : What is your favorite quote that keeps you grounded ?
Carla : " I live by doing one good deed each day to make a difference in someone else ' life "
TBWM : We hear life gets better as we age beyond our 40 ' s . What are some of the ‘ aha ’ moments you have experienced now that you are older and wiser ?
Carla : When I realised that age does not mean old , but maturity and wisdom , I felt free . I am not sure you would call this an Aha moment , but in 2019 I was diagnosed as critically ill . I was like , Me ? What ? Why ? I had just completed surgery in Florida to remove a tumor in my neck , now this ! As I laid in the hospital bed , I had many visitors , all of whom were very special to me . Some would remind me I may die , some encouraged me to pray . My 5-year-old son Adam would come after school , sit by me , and update me on his day at school , sometimes he would read to me , and we would chat about all things his sisters were not doing right at home . At nights I would look over to where Morland was sleeping in the corner and realize how blessed I am with unconditional love and support . And would consider God ’ s timing of him and Adam entering my life ; it was on point . I also remembered that if I had not worked for the company I did , I would be worried about my expenses and them being covered . But I laid there with much hope , peace , and assurance .
A few months later , as I was recovering , my son asked if he could have a talk with me ; he said , “ Mom do you realise you need to thank God ?”. I said , really ? He said , “ yes , Mom . He gave you a second chance in life , so thank him .” I knew then I couldn ' t ask for anything more but to serve God and always listen to Him . So , my ‘ aha moments are for me to understand and act on my purpose , and to live in gratitude for those God blessed me with .
TBWM : Any general encouragement for women ?
Carla : I can ’ t stress this enough - stay true to who you are , have a positive mindset , believe in yourself , protect your space and peace and remember life is about timing . If you get hurt in life , focus on the lesson because focusing on the hurt will only hurt you . Avoid negative emotions as they will rob you of being productive and achieving YOUR goals . If a door closes , be happy , then jump to the next . Talk to God but not only talk ... learn to listen .
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