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-ting journey that has opened my eyes to the importance of knowing who truly supports your dreams and genuinely wants to help you . Climbing the ranks wasn ' t hard as the door is open to those who knock , but we must find the right ones to knock on , also by being exemplary and gaining the respect of those around us . Note I say respect !
Do it all over again ? - When you ’ re through reading a book , you close it right ? You certainly don ’ t re-read the same book as you can miss a better one . I believe some experiences are meant to be lived once . Too many of us make our job and the place we work , become our life and miss the meaning of living along the way . We must understand that we are humans meant to move around as we are not planted as trees are . I lived that part of the journey and enjoyed it well .
I now want to live an " unconfined " life of no management meetings , no heels or perky makeup , and executive suits . The company is an amazing one to be in , and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities I was able to capitalize on while in my prime at the company . I find my past experiences beautiful and purposeful in the woman I am today . What truly lights me up is creating events or experiences that are memorable and exceptional . So , I see my newest journey as a means to following that passion and owning it in a way that does good for others while adding different things to my journey along the way .
TBWM : How important is a girlfriend circle to you ? Are there any benefits to having one ?
Carla : A very interesting question . Unfortunately , I am not one with a " girlfriend circle ". My life is an open book I share with those around me - male and female . I don ’ t hoard things or people ; I believe everyone passes by for a reason or purpose . And when their purpose is served , life continues . Each person around me stars in a different role when it is their time . There is my friend and sister , Claudia , we never hang out , drink scotch or wine , but she will always be there . If I have an event , she will get me the right dress , shoes , and accessories to ensure that I look outstanding . My mom . When I feel weak , I call . Just to hear her voice saying I love you gives me so much to go on . Another friend , Lady M , I call her the Margaret Thatcher in my life , will always say , " never step down Carla always maintain your standards ”. There is my Team Lead , who is the big brother in my life . Our conversations , though I resist them , always hold valuable lessons — believe in yourself you got this ! At the end of the day , my biggest cheerleader is my life partner , Morland , who , though I am years older , he , is years wiser .
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