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TBWM : Tell us about your connection to your clients and how you have remained relevant in their lives .
Carla : I believe my relationship with them is what drives our connectivity . It is not enough to just offer my clients financial solutions , but to be genuinely interested in what they do , who they are , and understand what matters to them most . Also , their goals are important and how I can help them get there . I often find ways to create opportunities for them and aim to make their lives better in any way possible .
TBWM : How do you balance work and family ?
Carla : Balancing work and family is a process that requires a certain level of focus , dedication , discipline , and understanding . The day I started this career , I designed my model work week . In it , I am deliberate — between 9 a . m . - 3:30 p . m ., I was client-focused , and I never work after 5:00 p . m . And weekends belong to my family . I ensure that I set my daily goals and work them as if I had no choice .
TBWM : We hear that women are hard to please ; do you agree ? And what is the number one thing you believe women want most ?
Carla : Contrary to the narrative , I do not believe women are hard to please . Understanding a person makes it easier to accept them . Women , I believe , prefer a clearly defined situation , trust , honesty , and being treated with respect . Some of us come with baggage , yes , but it is left up to us to find the one who loves us enough to help us unpack . There is no one thing , but in my opinion , women want to ultimately feel complete and accepted and enjoy certain financial freedom .
TBWM : Your career is one of perseverance , focus , and dedication , what drives that ?
Carla : Firstly , this career is commission ONLY , " you eat what you kill " as my BOSS would say . So , it is one where you get exactly what you work for at the end of the day . It is a VERY competitive environment , and no one wants to be at the bottom . As a result , we strive to be the best and ensure that we take advantage of the unlimited income-earning possibilities to afford the life we envision for ourselves and our families . The desire to be outstanding drives our successes , and therefore we do ALL three consistently .
TBWM : We are in a time of confusion , how have you kept your head above water , so to speak , and what encouragement do you have for women in this time of uncertainty ?
Carla : Confusion ! You are right BW , it reminds me of the story , " the man , the little boy , and the donkey ”. Everyone has an opinion and , no solution is the right one . Life brings us new challenges and periods of uncertainty at times which most of us are not always prepared for . And we have doubts which come about , mostly from " insufficiency " and no proper budget or financial planning . Instead of long-term goals , most realized short-term goals are more important , these times caused me to slow down , enjoy the simple things , and that tomorrow is really never promised to us . I often look for the good in every bad situation . And I stay " sane " because of my belief system — that NOTHING IS PERMANENT , and things will get better . In my professional role , I ’ ve had to sit with my clients and reorganise their portfolios and , I am happy that they had significant cash values that could help keep them or their business afloat . My advice to women is , never settle , don ’ t lose sight of your goals , just take a different path to get there . Remain true to who you are , your ethics , and core values , and try new things .
TBWM : You became a mother again in your 40 ' s . What has that been like ?
Carla : It is a whole new world , and it brought new meaning to my life . I was at a point where I had no intention of walking that path again . I was looking forward to freedom , my daughter was 18 , and I could not wait to kick her out of the house * laughter *. I remember when Morland ( my life partner ) would ask , " when are you going to give me a son ?” I would cringe and say to myself , is he sane ! At this age , my bearing tree is all dried up ! * lol *. When I started having symptoms , at first , I thought ‘ Menopause ! Yes ! Finally ! but oh no , it was pregnancy . Having the right partner makes it better as he was prepared . I am also better prepared emotionally ; I am more comfortable and stable in many areas of my life and more mature to understand and accept many things .
TBWM : You are a top executive with a Life Insurance company . One would see your industry as super competitive . How hard was it for you to climb the ranks to where you are today , and would you do it all over again ?
Carla : Ahhhhh BW . * Lol *, was , a top agent - then I transitioned to management then back to being an executive agent . I did this as there was an opportunity to be more rounded while offering my clients more at the same time . It has been an interes-
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