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I didn ' t see any results until I started to treat my online boutique like a storefront store . I learned that once people can relate to you , they will buy what you are selling . Putting this book out is my way of reaching back and helping others .
Trishforreal : " Do you have any encouragement for someone entering the realm of business ownership ?
Tamie : " Stay true to who you are , but before you do that , you have to know who you are at your core . Once you know who you are , you know what aligns with you . Start a business that you are enthusiastic about , then develop a " why " for doing it . Your " why " will keep you in business when all else fails . If something isn ' t working for you , it ’ s time to go back to the drawing board . Invest in coaching and training programs because we don ' t always have the correct answers . The last piece of encouragement I have is to give the business time and room to grow .
You can sign up for Tamie ' s Let ' s Build Academy Monthly Mentorship Program on her website . She supplies information on :
Finding your niche and making consistent revenue ; How to creatively brand yourself and business ; and Setting the price points and profit margins for your goods .
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