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Immediately after , send an email detailing closely the ideas that you have laid on the table ! With this done , in the worst-case scenario where they try to take credit or pass your solution off elsewhere , you ’ ll have proof that the solution was yours .
HERE IS A TIP : Have a clear plan . Don ’ t just bring the suggestion or solution . Do the research , create the action steps , and ask for open support in your execution . This plan will set the stage not only for recognition but for you to demonstrate that it can be done and you are the one who is willing to do it . This plan also opens the door for beneficial opportunities and your arrival to the place where the money resides !
But what if I fail with my attempt ? I will not lie to you , along the way , there may be failure , but along the way , there will also be successes . Think of it this way — if you are driving and you hit a massive pothole that could have been avoided , do you get out of your car and marvel at the hole ? No , you keep driving to your destination ! The experience gives you fuel and the wisdom to know what to watch out for , while on the journey . It ’ s the same thing in business or the workplace .
Consider your company ’ s support or full sponsor of a course that would benefit both you and them greatly . Remember , even though you don ' t see the money on your cheque doesn ’ t mean that you can see it elsewhere .
At evaluations , don ’ t be silent , use gratitude to express how much you ’ ve grown on account of the opportunities given .
Make suggestions of what could make your experience better . This suggestion can be a Professional Development Course as mentioned previously , benefits increase such as insurance or paid time off , even consider a bonus or re-evaluation at a later date to discuss pay increases .
No matter what , keep in mind that getting to “ Where the Money Resides ” is not a one-route destination . The possibilities are endless !
Here ’ s another question — what if I solve the problem and it doesn ’ t get me to ' Where the Money Resides '?
That ’ s easy ! If you take your car to a mechanic and he fixes your car problem , he has now earned your trust . As you recommend him to others , and the positive experiences continue , he is now bringing value . As life would have it , as the mechanic builds trust , he can use that trust as leverage . Before building trust , there might have been a strict , I ’ ll have your car back in 48 hours policy , but this time , he is asking for a little more time and perhaps more money . That trust he has built allows him just that . With the same token , we can rest assured that as we build ourselves more , we now hold cards in our hands that can give us the winning play . I wish maximum pays on us all , but there are times when we must wait , or the answer is no in plain terms .
If you ’ re faced with those circumstances , remind yourself that money is a start , but it ’ s not everything . Repeat it with me , Money is a start , but it is not everything .
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