TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 40


Where does the money really reside ?


At the start of the year , we all ' bounced our heads ' to the tune “ Where the Money Resides , Where the Money Resides ” But have you ever stopped to ask yourself , where does the money reside ? and more importantly what should I do if I can ’ t get to it right away ? Well , in this article , we are sharing just that !

Being where the money resides is the epitome of who we women have become . Winning in the classrooms , boardrooms , and family rooms , might I add . But there comes a time when we want ' the more ' that we know we deserve . For a long time , we ’ ve believed the lies of “ just keep your head down , they ’ ll notice you soon enough ” or , “ work twice as hard as everyone else , surely you ’ ll get paid then ”.
I can tell you for sure that while there may have been some who may have gotten lucky with those tactics , the rest of us are out here proving that such advice that encourages keeping your head down , and waiting , is not as sound as it seems . The problem with working harder and harder is that once that hard work is rewarded , they will expect double the effort you were putting out in the first place . That ' s going to lead you to nowhere else besides “ Burnout And I Expect You To Do Even More Now ” City .
Before we go on , please note that I am an advocate for hard work , but I also believe in working smarter , not harder . So listen up because I ’ ve got a secret to tell …
HERE IS THE SECRET : The money resides in the solutions we bring to the table , the problems we ' re willing to solve , and the voice we use to bring recognition to the fact that we are capable of doing just that .
In every business , there is usually a problem or problems that everyone just pokes with a stick . They walk past it as though it ’ s a plague , and if someone dares to touch it , they complain repeatedly until it ’ s passed off to the next not-so-lucky person . What persons don ’ t realise is that those problems , are diamonds in the rough , or , a seed waiting to burst forth with much fruit , and the person who cultivates it , adds mass value to themselves and all around them .
My question to you is , what problems do you easily find solutions for but aren ’ t sharing ? What solutions have your experiences , successes , and failures allowed you to formulate ? It is when we answer these questions that we can begin to move to where the money resides . As you begin bringing these solutions forward , please know that you must use strategy . Don ’ t go around sharing your big solutions with minds who are ready to shoot them down or steal them . Create a paper trail . If this is a workplace solution , request a meeting to discuss privately with the relevant parties before sharing with everyone .