TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 38

Motivated to Motivate Others
Sandra has had great role models and influencers . She ’ s had a variety of experiences , personal and professional . Collectively , Sandra is motivated by these interactions and lessons to encourage others . “ It ’ s the feeling that people value me as a person , as a leader , and that I make a difference in people ' s lives . That keeps me going daily and keeps me going back to work . I love the team of people with whom I work . I am surrounded by great leaders I learned from , who helped me develop into the best version of myself . I get feedback from them , I see my growth , and that motivates me to keep going .”
Sandra wants to be remembered as “ the humble young lady who didn ' t take anything for granted . A woman who didn ' t think that anybody owed me anything . I want my legacy to be that I worked hard for what I accomplished . I was determined and focused . I let my values be my guide . I was passionate about making a difference in people ' s lives , whether it was personally or professionally . I believed in developing people . A mentor , a friend , someone who loved life , and loved to laugh . I enjoyed the simple things in life and had a tremendous amount of respect for people , regardless of who they were — just the ordinary person who did extraordinary things without seeking any accolades or the spotlight . Sandra wants her legacy to be centered on how she poured into others and how she made people feel .
Still moving full speed ahead , a year since her vaccination , Sandra has embraced the role of advocate for COVID-19 vaccination . She is laser-focused on informing , educating , and getting everyone to achieve health and well-being . Yet , her motive is still purely about minimizing the toll of COVID-19 and , in a perfect scenario , eliminating it .