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Dr . Sandra Lindsay --- the Person
When you ask , who is Dr . Sandra Lindsay , you will quickly realize that she doesn ' t like to talk about herself . She will promptly deflect to her family and career or give kudos to those who have influenced her . She will gush about the evening she spent at an event speaking with foster children about how they too can pursue their dreams as one of the best days of her life or the letters she received from young people in New Hampshire impacted by COVID-19 . Excitedly , Sandra focuses conversations on the empowerment of women , the needs of people that look like her , or her disdain for competition that sets women against each other . She will talk endlessly about her belief in support systems for women and will quickly add her disapproval for gossip or useless conversation . She will even deviate from talking about herself to her love for music by Chronixx , and one of her favorite songs , legend . ---- " I think that speaks to why I am just an ordinary person making a difference every day , not looking for celebration . But if I ' ve made a difference in somebody ' s life , if one person remembers my name , it means I ' ve made a change . So , I don ' t crave the spotlight ."
Sandra is a very caring person who believes that passion and purpose go hand in hand . She is a leader , advocate , a team player , very professional , and a self-described introvert who speaks when there is something to say . She is very focused , reflective , and decisive . Sandra has an insatiable love for learning , although she will hurriedly remind you that there are no plans for any more degrees in her future , thoughtfully adding , " I ' ll always continue learning something different , probably some photography . Maybe something culinary , learning to make diverse cuisine or something fun , but nothing focused in a classroom setting ." Above all , she is reserved , with that quiet confidence exhibited as an inner strength that allows her actions and results to speak for her . Sandra consistently demonstrates humility and authenticity . However , she insists that she is shy , yet time with her quickly reveals that her shyness is not a barrier to her poise and selfconfidence .
Every time I walked in there , as far as I could see across this wide-open space , is a sea of beds with crisp white linen lined up continuously , with well over fifty patients at any point in time , everyone on a ventilator fighting for their lives . You can ' t get rid of those images .
Sandra describes herself as just a regular ordinary , down-to-earth , humble young lady who came from modest beginnings growing up with her grandparents . Although Sandra ' s parents were always involved in her life , Sandra and her siblings all wanted to live with their grandparents , whom she explained had the ways and means and built this big house , so that all of the grandkids could come around and have a space there . She cites her living arrangements as one big happy family who grew up with good values that guide her life today . " We had great traditions , some of which I tried to hold on to , even after migrating to the United States , for example , having dinner together as a family , only having one television in the house so that we could spend time together as a family ." Such foundation keeps Sandra gravitating to just the simple ways and things in life that made her happy growing up .
As a leader , Sandra doesn ' t believe in pushing her ideas or beliefs . Instead , she makes sure it ' s demonstrated in her day-to-day choices , how she handles situations and manages stresses . Sandra doesn ' t see her professional responsibilities purely based on her title but proves her willingness to do everything with which she tasks her staff . When needed , she works alongside her team , ensuring that there is always coverage and assistance available .
Becoming a Nurse
When Sandra decided to become a Nurse , it was no surprise to those close to her as her life and upbringing influenced her career choice . From her humble beginnings in Palmer ' s Cross , Clarendon , and her migration from Jamaica to the United States at the age of eighteen , to her educational journey , she stayed faithful to her calling . Growing up , Sandra helped to care for her grandmother , who had glaucoma , hypertension , and diabetes . She accompanied her grandmother to doctors ' visits , administered eye drops and other medication , gave her insulin , and checked her blood glucose . Sandra felt rewarded seeing how well her grandmother responded to prescribed care , adding that her grandmother " lived a great life and was always functional ."
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