TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 24


AFTER YOU CHECK ALL THE BOXES by Stacy-Ann Smith Inspiration Editor

A while back I had a chance meeting with a guy . We greeted each other in the parking lot , and parted ways thinking nothing much of the moment . I was shocked to see him moments later in the cafe I sat in . I came here weekly for Bible study .
I felt a tug in his direction but dismissed it as distraction . I continued with my study , chiding myself for being silly to be so aware of him . As I sat there a question popped up in my mind , “ what if he asks you out ?” Doing my best to listen to my leader and corral my mind , I dismissed the thought as critiques of why I would not come bounding through my mind . As quickly as my critical thought came , a sudden conviction came as well . So strong was it that I repented immediately , telling God if He brought the guy my way I would say yes .
I figured God was just highlighting to me the need to not be critical . Corralling my inner thoughts and giving them to God , I went to the restroom for a break , never acknowledging him . While in the bathroom , the thought came up again . Thinking myself ridiculous , I gave myself the ‘ focus ’ speech . With an empty bladder and a renewed resolve to continue my study distraction free , I exited and made my way back to my table .
He was now ordering , and our eyes made contact . I expected a nod of acquiescence and then a turn away but I noticed the slight shift in his body as his lips parted to speak . I stopped before my brain registered the words that left his lips , “..... will you have dinner with me ?”
“ I heard my mouth say yes before my brain was able to slosh through the surge of emotions that flooded .”
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