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6What character traits have contributed to your success and where you are today ?

8What are some suggestions to help younger women already in finance or thinking about getting into finance ?


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My team will tell you that I preach about being honest and fair in dealing with people . I believe when one remains impartial when making decisions , it gives you credibility with your team . I sleep well at night when I do this because I have a clear conscience .
I lead with empathy and from a judgment-free space . I try to see from the person ' s perspective . I first ask myself , " why would someone make a bad choice or a wrong move ?" It helps me to relate to them , and then I can better guide them . Those conversations are usually honest and , in most cases , well received .
I love to serve people – that is a winning trait if you want to be in customer service . Serving people is not about you . It is not enough if the moment is pleasant for you . It is more about the experience you are giving someone else . This has resulted in me having lifelong clients , some of whom are as close as family .
I love to win – I am extremely competitive ; my friends and family can tell you I take all board and card games seriously . And I take the same attitude to work , and especially in the financial sector and sales . That quality is necessary to win .

7What is your favorite bible verse or quote that guides your life ?

1 ) " Working hard for something you don ' t care about is called stress ; working hard for something you love is called passion ."— Simon Sinek . Take the time to find out your " why ," then you will understand your purpose . Nothing motivates you more than knowing your purpose . 2 )" Be the leader you wish you had ." — Simon Sinek .
3 ) Matthew 7:12 —" Do onto others as you would have them do onto you ." The world would be a better place if everyone embraced this principle . I also love Jeremiah 29:11 —" For I know the plans I have for you . Plans to prosper you . Not to harm you . Plans to give you hope and a future ." I live by my faith in God . I am not fearful , as I know He is there to guide and protect me .
In Jamaica , the financial sector is a competitive industry . With that said , one needs to keep in mind that you are only as good as your last win , the latest deal you closed or , your last fiscal year . Every day , month , and year the clock goes back to zero , and you are going to be asked to prove yourself all over again . Are you prepared to commit to doing that ? Find your purpose ; know what is your " why ." It will help you as you will need to have the grit and winning spirit to survive year after year .
Do not be afraid to speak your truth . Be clear and transparent about who you are and what you represent , then shine .

9Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years ?

Living a simpler life . Learning more about , and enjoying flowers and plants , I would love to open a flower and gardening business . I look forward to seeing my children in the clear in both their professional and personal lives , and continue to guide them as much as they will allow me . I want to travel more . Lastly , l want to continue contributing to the area of people development in any way that I can , perhaps mentoring and training .


Who has been the most significant influence in your life , and how ?
May sound like a cliché , but my mother has been my biggest influencer and supporter in my life . As a single parent , she sacrificed so much to give me the best education . She continues to be my biggest cheerleader in my personal and professional life . She sets the bar remarkably high , and I see myself raising my children with the same love , pride , and determination . No sacrifice is too big for them . My mother is profoundly patient and always the first to cry peace . I am working primarily on patience . I will tackle everything else after that .