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What are some of the challenges , if any , that you experienced in your career trajectory ? And how have you learned from them ?
I have had many challenges throughout my career , but


what is a successful path without tests ?
1 ) At 19 , I found myself pregnant and reluctantly had to stop a semester from my studies at the University . My graduation was delayed , and I was not happy about that . But as I look back , this did not put me in a decrepit position . The birth of my child was so worth the delay .
2 ) My career started on what I would call a bit of shaky ground . I was opinionated and quickly spoke my mind , thinking I was defending injustice and speaking up for those whose voices were muzzled by fear . I learned a very poignant lesson that having a solid conviction will

4 put you on a lonely road . Sometimes the people you are supporting or defending leave you hanging dry . After a conversation with my then manager , I learned to be more strategic in my " fight for justice ." I realized that " how and when " were critical components of success . I also became very selective about the causes I championed . I am glad I learned that lesson incredibly early in my career , it could have been my Achilles heel in my career development .

3 ) After 20 years of trying to meet the demands of my sales targets , I lost some of the passion I had for my job . I had to do some deep reflecting and make the choice to reconnect to my " why ." I read a lot of literature from Simon Sinek , some of which pointed to knowing and understanding my " why ." Once the understanding was revealed , everything else fell into place .


In searching for my why , I rekindled the flame that was almost snuffed out . Through this action , I realized my " why " never really changed . The reasons I get up every day and face the world have always been :
a ) Helping clients build and grow their wealth through education and mentoring . b ) Lending myself to people development . As I began to develop people , I was presented with the unique challenge of managing Millennials and Gen- Z . I had to take the time to learn how this demographic thought and what was important to them . This paradigm shift made me a better leader . I discovered they gravitate to a transformative leader who allows them autonomy rather than micro-managing them . I enjoy this leadership journey ; I am often forced out of my comfort zone , but I know I am growing in those moments .
You spent a bit of time in wealth management , is what they say about women not being good at wealth building and investing true ?
This is so far from the truth ; women are the best budgeters which speaks to their ability to build wealth . No matter their income , they find a way to send their children to school , put food on the table , and have something left over for savings . A great deal has changed in our economy . If you check the statistics , more women have bank accounts . More women are insured because they know the importance of protecting their families if they can no longer provide . The proverbial glass ceiling is being shattered concerning salary equality for both men and women . Women ' s financial independence is at an all-time high in Jamaica . We are good at saving , and this consistency will result in substantial wealth building in the years to come .
What are your thoughts on women and not speaking up for what we want ?
I do not think that is a challenge for Jamaican women . I do agree some countries still silence women . However , in Jamaica collectively , we may very well have the loudest voice ( laughter ). There are more women registered for tertiary education . There are more women represented in the workforce . We have broken down so many barriers within the realm of education , and this will only continue to grow . In every government election , there is an increase in women ' s representation in politics and in representing their constituency . The same goes for the corporate world , with increased female leadership at every level . It all points to us becoming more vocal as we challenge the norm of speaking up about matters that affect our communities and us .
Share a few takeaways received from a mentor that have allowed you to lead better .
I have had several inspiring leaders in my career , and each of them has contributed to the leader I am today : 1 ) Watch your own race . Plan and execute your strategies . Stay in your lane and win ! 2 ) Remain unbiased and lead with empathy . People will be inspired when you do so . 3 ) Talk less . Listen more 4 ) Do not just give instructions . Walk the path with your team . They will follow you further . 5 ) Make sure you are not pouring from an empty cup . Put on your oxygen mask first and then help to support your team .
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