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1Tell us about Tamara Waul-Douglas and share a bit about your career highlights .

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I am a devoted mother to my three exceptional children : K ' sha , who is twenty-seven ; Javden , who is twenty-one ; and Rhea , who is nineteen . I am a forty-seven-year-old divorcee who is focused on building a legacy for my children . I am from a tight-knit family and was raised by a sacrificial single mother . I was gifted with one sister . I attended St . Andrew High School for girls then spent two additional years at Wolmers Girls before enrolling at the University of the West Indies , where I completed my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees . I am currently enrolled in an online Harvard Management Mentoring course , which I will wrap up in February 2022 . My career path in finance started as a summer job at a commercial bank . It later morphed into full-time employment . I nested there for eight years . After that , I joined a wealth management company , where I spent five years . As if commercial banking didn ' t want to release me from its nest , I went back to work as a branch
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manager at a commercial bank . Seven years later , I am now more focused as a leader in the Sales & Client Relations division at a Wealth Management Institution . Personal development is my calling . By personal development I mean , helping to transform the lives of others . I feel a sense of satisfaction watching the younger generation find their calling and excelling in their roles . I get up motivated most days with great enthusiasm about doing my job .
I am a fanatic lover of nature . I love flowers ( no , I do not have a green thumb ), but I enjoy trying to grow them . I relish the sound of waves crashing or water moving ; I find it very relaxing , and so my perfect day is reading an enjoyable book at the beach . I am not a city girl , so I travel to a remote location to immerse myself in nature . I also enjoy mentoring the young ladies at my alma mater , St . Andrew High School .