TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 18




Trishforreal , the poet . At first impression , Trishforreal appears to be demure . Once she opens her mouth , you will discover that she has the gift of gab . She is a three-time published author who takes the heart , mind , and soul on a dynamic journey . She has been writing poetry for over twenty years and has been inspired by the poetry of the Bible , Derek Walcott , Ms . Maya Angelou , Mutabaruka , and Rumi . There is no doubt that Trishforreal has an undeniable wit , which she employs to take her audience into her vibrant and multi-layered realm of self-reflection and expansion . Trishforreal brings into play raw emotions , vivid imagery , and a unique poetic tone that only she can bring . Her writings are nuanced , illustrative , and imaginary .
She now brings you , Pen , A Provocative , Poetic Journey , out October 2021 .