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Estrogen is produced by the ovaries , adrenal glands , and fat tissues . As less and less estrogen is produced by the ovaries , the adrenal glands take over the job . Some women experience brittle bones as a result of decreasing estrogen production .
Our Choices Now Matter
What can we do now to ensure a smooth menopausal transition ? How can we make it so that this next stage is respected as the gift that it is ?
1 . Ceremony - Make it your intention to create a beautiful , meaningful , sacred , ceremony to welcome and honour you and your sister-friends entry into the “ wise woman phase ”.
2 . Weight-bearing exercises - These are extremely important for younger women to incorporate in their daily life as it assists in maintaining bone density .
3 . Maintain a diet rich in natural foods ( meaning less processed and chemically treated foods ) - We are made up of organic material , as in material from the earth . This being the case , we must be nurtured by that which comes from the earth to maintain our natural cycles .
4 . Maintaining Hormonal Balance - As we discussed , our levels of estrogen within the body directly affect our bone health , cardiovascular health , and so on . There are herbs that have been used for eons to bring about or maintain hormonal balance within the body . Three such herbs are black cohosh , damiana , and red clover . A simple tea of rosemary and basil ( about 1 tablespoon of each herb per large cup ) has been used in certain cultures to ward off depression associated with menopause . As a side note , it is best to use rosemary before going off to sleep or at a time when you are able to relax . Jack-in-the-bush has also been used with great success . A relaxing bath can also be made from the tea .
Here ' s to visualizing and creating a new world . One where the menopause journey is once more revered and the woman on this journey is creative , vibrant , healthy , and full of life .


Written by Curline Adassa Postpartum Doula | Certified Personal Growth Specialist Certified Health Information Management Specialist CHIM Herbal Medicine Practitioner | Womb Wellness Advocate Host of Calabash Conversations and Founder of Designing Your Path Get in touch with Curline Adassa for more tips on woman wellness
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