TheBeyondWoman Magazine Issue #11 - Page 11


Wisdom Keeper

“ Together we are building a new road to aging , and at the same time that road is building us .”
- Ourselves , Growing Older
As wombmen and wisdom keepers , we have the privilege of being created with bodies that are in-sync with nature ( when we are at a state of homeostasis ). Just as our Earth is constantly changing , so are we . The earth has natural cycles which balance and regulate its atmosphere , however , these natural cycles can be changed due to human interference . Our hormones are part of what regulates our human “ ecosystem ”, and just like our Earth , our natural cycles are at times thrown off center and out of balance by the choices we make or ones made for us .
For many of us , there is a fear and sometimes downright disgust regarding the cycles associated with our reproductive system . Do we low-key ( subconsciously ) hate ourselves and the very essence of what makes us a woman as a result of the patriarchal system we have been brought up in , or is it deeper than that ? As “ BeyondWomen ”, we are rewriting the narrative and reclaiming and owning our journey from Maiden , to Mother , to Crone . In honour of World Menopause Month , we are having a conversation about menopause and how we can embrace , honour , and support the journey ( whether ours or those of our sisters ).
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