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I am Sabrina N . Henry . A wife of over 15 years and a mother of 4 children . Jamaica is the land of my birth and early years , but I moved to the USA over 14 years now and currently live in Georgia . I am a trained and certified educator who has experienced the teaching field in several different parts of the world . A few years ago , after returning from my 5 years of teaching in Abu Dhabi , I decided to embark on different career paths . I now own and manage two businesses . I am also a parttime Project Director for a program at my alma mater , Georgia State University . My most recent interest involves exploring the field of dispatching . I consider myself a lady of many talents . One of my beliefs and mottos is that you can be many things . One thing doesn ’ t complete you .
A few things I enjoy include traveling , writing , hosting , cooking , planning , and entertaining . I am also a self-published author . So far , I have written 4 children ’ s books and 2 books related to adults . I am in the process of completing more . I have always loved writing . I write about all types of topics but enjoy focusing on realistic content or subject matters directly related to me which includes my culture , my race , my children , and my experiences throughout life .
One of the other goals that I ’ m hoping to achieve is to be a more recognized and involved spokesperson / advocate for women / men who have survived domestic violence or are experiencing domestic violence in any form .
The titles of my current books are :
If All Wounds Were Visible , Come Wid Wi : From Dubai to Jamaica , My Afro ! My Hair ! I Am So Happy ! My VP Looks Like Me , A-Z Help Me Grow Coloring Toddler Book . The Colorful Cultures of Me
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