The Young Chronicle: For Grade 3 May 3rd, 2015 - Page 4

Page 4 Newsletter Title A RUSSIAN SPACE CRAFT IS PLUNGING INTO EARTH M-27M, a cargo spacecraft which was ferrying supplies to an international space station is said to be spiralling back to Earth and could come down between May 5th and 7th if it continues on its current orbit and speed. It is impossible to predict where an unmanned, out-of-control Russian spacecraft could crash into Earth. Also, It is difficult to predict what the pieces will be like when they come down. Moreso, if the craft comes down at a very narrow angle and burns up it, could burn up completely, and If it comes down more straight and bigger pieces are left, then big pieces the size of your head or a soccer ball will come down and a debris field will be created. Scientists aren’t very sure of how dangerous it is,, but the chances of it hitting a city or person were extremely low since the earth is huge. India’s Efforts to Offer Relief Operations to Nepal On Saturday, April 25, Nepal was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude. The country’s worst earthquake after 80 years has left the Himalayan nation completely devastated. As an immediate neighbor, India responded quickly providing rescue and relief efforts to Nepal. The joint operation named “Operation Maitri” was carried out by the Government of India and Rescue “Operation Maitri”, carried out by the Government of India and Indian armed forces. The operation started within 15 minutes of the quake. Indian armed forces. The operation started within 15 minutes of the quake. India rallied two dozen military aircraft and choppers and undertook a big evacuation process through the road route. Nearly 1,000 personnel of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) were also directed for service. For speedy evacuation of stranded tourists, a number of steps were taken that included providing goodwill visas to foreigners and mobilization of ambulances and buses to bring them via road route. Nearly 1000 people have been flown since Saturday. Furthermore, the Home Ministry officials along with an interministerial team also visited Nepal. Until now, India has deployed 13 military aircraft, three civilian aircraft of Air India and Jet Airways, six Mi-17 helicopters, two Advanced Light Helicopters, with two more Mi-17 choppers kept in standby. Three army field hospitals and engineering task force and medical units of civilian doctors were sent to Nepal. Along with it, ten tonnes of blankets, 50 tonnes of water, 22 tonnes of food items and two tonnes of medicines A team of power officials and officials from the Indian Oil Corporation were sent to help restore electricity and fuel in Kathmandu.