The Young Chronicle: For Grade 3 May 16th, 2015 - Page 5

Page 5 News Snips Find a Cop taking a Bribe in Delhi? Dial 1031 It’s been a month since the AAP government launched the Anti-Corruption helpline. So now if you see any government official taking a bribe, just dial 1031. A whooping 1.25 Lakh calls have already been made on this number. This figure is saddening and heartening both. The fact that people are using this service rather than succumbing to the bribe is heartening, but the fact that so many officials at so many levels are corrupt, is very disheartening. The European Internet Industry Overhaul Europe is divided into many small countries, which impacts not only offline but online business as well. It is because of this, the European Union is planning a probe into all the big American Online Companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. The Union also feels that the growth of these companies in Europe is squashing the growth of European internet companies. Hence, they wish to add more protocols and regulations towards the way these large conglomerates do business in Europe. President Barack Obama has also rebuked the union calling such measures ‘protective’. Additionally, the EU wishes to drop barriers between countries, just like it has done for offline businesses to thrive, so that online companies also benefit from the same. Did You Know Did You Know, if We Grow at the The World’s Coolest PM Rate We are Growing at, we’d end PM Lee Hsien Loong, of Singapore, is probably one up crossing china’s population by of the coolest PMs in the world. While other Prime 2028. Ministers are caught up with their day jobs of running a country properly, PM Lee also finds time to code in his spare time. Just a few days back, he posted a code for a computer program to solve any Sudoku, which he wrote in his spare time. Now that’s called Time Management! Something we all need to learn from PM Lee