The Young Chronicle: For Grade 3 May 16th, 2015 - Page 4

Page 4 Amma is Back! Newsletter Title How Life Quaked in Nepal By Alaika (Age: 10) The former Chief Minter, Jayalalitha, fondly addressed as “Amma” has been relieved from all charges of corruption in a recent hearing at the Karnataka High Court. The supporters of AIADMK, the political party of Amma, have been cheering and celebrating her acquittal. Life will never be the same, sometimes I ask myself is this some game? I find it very, very, very sad, after all for Nepalis, they must be going mad!!! It is very tough for our neighbours, so we have sent them some saviours. Jayalalithaa Jayaram, was convicted for owning disproportionate assets case 1991-96 involving Rs.66.65 Crore when she became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for a first time. The case was under trial for 18 long years. The judgment of the case, given in the Bangalore court, had sentenced Jayalalitha and her aides Sasikala Natarajan, Ilavarasi and V.N. Sudhakaran to four years in jail with a fine of Rs.100 crore. The case was transferred from Bangalore to Chennai. However, it was the first case where a ruling Chief Minister had to step down, on account of a court verdict. Later on, Jayalalithaa was relieved of all the charges by High Court of Karnataka on May 11, 2015. Cherishing the release of their leader, the supporters of AIADMK will now wish to see Amma back to the throne. With the state polls only 9 to 10 months away, Jayalalitha is likely to go for a snap poll riding on the strength of the judgement in her favor. The Earth has taken their livelihood, and it is our duty to care. Do something, save them! Save all that that god together gave us. Their houses have turned to dust , Help them out , you must!