The Young Chronicle: For Grade 3 3rd graders or 8-9 year olds - Page 7

YOUNG CHRONICLE Try Solving this Sudoku in 15 Mins November 14th, 2014 A Logical Puzzle You have three bags, each containing two marbles. Bag A contains two white marbles, Bag B contains two black marbles, and Bag C contains one white marble and one black marble. You pick a random bag and take out one marble. It is a white marble. What are the chances that the remaining marble from the same bag is also white? The solution is on the last page of the Newspaper. A Logic Twister! You are given two ropes and a lighter. Each of the two ropes has the following property: if you light one end of the rope, it will take exactly one hour to burn to the other end. It doesn’t necessarily burn at a uniform rate. How can you measure a period of 45 minutes? The solution is on the last page of the Newspaper Page 6 14/11/14