The Young Chronicle: For 2nd Graders June 12th, 2015 - Page 2

Surgical Strike in Myanmar Did you know that the Indian Army and Air force ran a specifically accurate strike on militants in Myanmar? The Indian military received intelligence regarding militant camps in Myanmar, and with helicopters and the Army, shot at those precise locations where the camps were based. Many militants were killed in Here’s more News on the strike, courtesy IBN the attack. Such an attack requires a very high degree of accuracy, and is hence called a surgical strike. Who were these militants? These militants are called Kachin rebels. Kachin is a state in North Myanmar, which shares a border with India and China, both. Just few days back, the Kachin rebels had attacked an Army convoy in Manipur, killing 18 soldiers. Following which India got some intelligence regarding the location of the Kachin Militant camps. Since there already is an understanding between India and Myanmar, regarding these cross border militants, and this topic had been discussed before by the Prime Minister, India went ahead with the surgical strike. The operation is said to have started at 3 am on Tuesday, and went on until afternoon. It was only minutes before the operation began, that India's military sent a communication to the Myanmar Army. The Myanmar government was only informed about the operation at about 9 am in the morning as the government offices opened. This surgical strike should give all of India’s neighbours a strong signal, that India will not tolerate any cross border terrorism, any more.