The Yachtsman 2017-2018 2017-2018 | Page 30

CENTREBOARD CENTREBOARD ANNUAL RESULTS Laser Radial 1. Antony Hawke (Nemesis) CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2. Paul Hawke (Freshwater Pirate) Optimist Intermediate 1. Kye Williams (Commando) 3. Lindsay Whitton (Pure Blonde) 2. Nathan Pearce (The Beast) 3. Markus Sampson (Speed Machine) Optimist Open 1. Fletcher Walters (Sketchy) 2. Jonathan Tuite (Better Knot) 2. Chris Dawson (Seedy) 3. Liam Bennett (Rey) SPECIAL AWARDS Laurie Norton Trophy Toby Horton Laser 4.7 1. Morgan Wells (Dream) Hornblower Trophy Charlie Byford 2. Oliver Gordon (TBA) Cricket Newling Trophy Isabella Holdsworth Laser Radial 1. Stephen Bryant (Speedy) New Parent to Start Sailing Mark Sheppard 2. Lindsay Whitton (Pure Blonde) 3. Jarrah Sheppard (Ruckby) Volunteer of the year Maxine Troop Laser Full 1. Stuart Holdsworth (Silky) James Bond Fletcher Walters (sketchy) 2. Liam Bennett (Rey) Jack Gale Participation Morgan Wells (Dream) 3. Dave Taylor (Rapid Fire) POINTSCORE Optimist Intermediate 1. Kye Williams (Commando) 2. Nathan Pearce (The Beast) Driftwood Trophy Philip Troop Jack Pritchett Trophy Morgan Wells (Dream) Laser Radial Class Club 3. Piper Attwood (Captain Zoom) Championship Trophy Stephen Bryant (Speedy) Optimist Open 1. Eva Attwood (Ba Boom) Laser Class Club Championship 2. Cooper Bellingham (Whooshka) 3. Olivia Williams (Blossom) Laser 4.7 1. Oliver Gordon (TBA) 2. Morgan Wells (Dream) 3. Thomas Skinner (Hakuna Matata) 54 Laser Full 1. Dave Taylor (Rapid Fire) 3. Cooper Bellingham (Whooshka) 3. Azura Gacoin (Poseidon) YA C H T S M A N R PAY C R PAY C A C T I V I T I E S Trophy Stuart Holdsworth (Silky) Graham Body Pointscore Trophy Oliver Gordon Laser Radial Season Pointscore Trophy Antony Hawke (Nemesis) R PAY C YA C H T S M A N 55