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Thirteen at Chateau Denmark - FASHIONIZER COUTURE UNIFORMS -

which are comfortable to wear and reflect the glamour of the bar . Managers wear jackets with exaggerated shoulders , a nod to the decadent charm of Thirteen . Underneath , black voile shirts and imitation leather trousers keep things sleek and stylish . For waiting staff , women wear jumpsuits in a red and black print , finished with a velvet trim and black leather belt at the waist . Men wear shirts in the same red and black print as the jumpsuits , with imitation leather trousers . Both the shirts and the jumpsuits feature the bar ’ s large fallen angel logo on the back . Bar staff wear red and black print shirts with imitation leather trousers and black velvet braces .
Fashionizer ’ s opulent uniforms complement the bar ’ s dimly lit interior with finesse . Velvet trims coordinate with the plush velvet seats , and the black and red prints match the sultry lighting of the bar . The continuity of the colour scheme , the luxurious details and the high-quality fabrics were all carefully considered , and each item chosen deliberately by Carrie Wicks , the hotel ’ s director .
Fashionizer , the UK-based luxury uniform designers , have created the uniforms for Chateau Denmark ’ s latest venture , Thirteen . The brandnew bar is situated on the corner of Soho ’ s infamous Denmark Street , a stone ’ s throw from Chateau Denmark itself .
Carrie Wicks , Director of Chateau Denmark says : “ We had a very strong vision for what Chateau Denmark ’ s bar would look like from the outset . Bold , baroque , and charming - the outfits for our team members needed to be a continuation of that vision . Working with Debbie and the Fashionizer team has been a great collaboration - capturing both the vision and charm of Thirteen .“
The uniforms reflect the gothic glamour of Thirteen , a bar designed to celebrate the neighbourhood ’ s infamous history of music and hedonism through its devilish cocktail menu . Thirteen plans to capture the raucous energy of Denmark Street and its musical history through DJ sets , live music , and even impromptu performances . While the number may be unlucky for some , it seems visitors of Thirteen won ’ t be disappointed .
Red and black reign supreme in the uniforms and the bar itself , a colour scheme invoking a feeling of sinful opulence for those who take a seat at the baroque-style grand bar .
Fashionizer has created four separate uniform looks for each staff role at Thirteen , all of
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