The World of Hospitality Issue 52 2023 | Page 10


Central Kitchen - GIN DESIGN -

A local gem in the heart of Corpus Christi , Central Kitchen aims to provide locals the simple pleasure of a good coffee and warm treat in a welcoming environment . The cozy space embraces the midmorning bustle just as enthusiastically as it also hosts a more relaxed afternoon , taking its cues from the energy of its visitors . Central Kitchen truly embodies the idea of a neighborhood watering hole , giving locals and out-of-towners alike a home base .
The bakery captures this approachability through its nostalgic old world charm that ’ s infused into elements like cantilevered sconces , natural woods , and artisan tiles in conjunction with the smell of fresh baked bread wafting out of the doors . Once visitors get comfortable in the space , they may begin to notice subtle quirks to the design ( such as fully tiled arches / service stations and curated wall installations ) that ever so gently nudge the interiors in a more modern direction .
While the design gives a nod to the French-influenced New Orleans landmark Cafe du Monde , it also stays true to its Gulf roots through the thoughtful display of vintage photographs , news clippings and found objects . Just as carefully shown as the local
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