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HydreauBar Smart Bottling Station Advanced , Innovative Technology for The Hospitality Sector

Which hospitality business doesn ’ t want to maximise its sustainability , bring greater efficiency to its operations and offer its clients the very best in refreshment ?
But how many have considered doing away with the dishwasher and bottled water deliveries ? Some may have decided to offer tap water to clients , but know all too well the high costs of limescale : compromised taste and appearance of drinks , not to mention the cost and inconvenience of appliance breakdown caused by hard water deposits .
The smart solution is HydreauBar™ , the all-inone bottle sterilisation and refilling system from PureH2O Ltd , leading experts in water purification and delivery systems , who are based in Woking , Surrey . HydreauBar™ offers an impressive 95 % reduction in carbon footprint compared to bottled water , and saves time , cuts waste and replaces the dishwasher .
HydreauBar™ uses patented technology to sterilise internal bottle surfaces , something which cannot be achieved by washing alone . Offered as an integrated or stand-alone system , HydreauBar complies with weights and measures legislation and is calibrated for bottles 750ml – 1 litre and fills up to 120 bottles per hour . A fixed monthly leasing fee that includes glass bottles , annual servicing and parts should appeal to businesses seeking a no-fuss solution to sustainable drinking water .
Water is best served pure
We recommend installing HydreauBar™ with the PurityPRO™ water purification system from PureH2O Ltd . This delivers the purest water possible , purified of all contaminants and impurities found in tap water - it ’ s even purer than all bottled water brands . PurityPRO™ systems integrate seamlessly with HydreauBar™ , steam ovens , coffee machines , ice makers and Quatreau SmartTap™ which many hotels , restaurants , bars and cafes will find an attractive option .
Quatreau SmartTap™
Architects and interior designers recommend Quatreau SmartTap™ to hospitality clients for the ultimate in convenience , style and function . It ’ s the stand alone drinks station that can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to its integrated countertop drainer . Quatreau SmartTap™ dispenses high volumes of a modular choice of waters : boiling , chilled , sparkling and ambient . It ’ s the hassle-free option for busy hotels , bars and cafes who want to offer unrivalled taste and refreshment in a stylish , sustainable , self-service drinks station .
Visit www . PureH2O . co . uk to find out more about HydreauBar™ , Quatreau SmartTap™ and PurityPRO™ , call 01483 617000 or email help @ pureh2o . co . uk
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