The World of Hospitality Issue 41 2021 - Page 25

THE WORLD OF HOSPITALITY 25 acoustics made them sound ! We manipulated the acoustics under the reinstated central dome to give musicians just the right balance to support their musical expression , finetuning the lounge ’ s reverberant sound field in the right kind of way . The Oscar Acoustics plaster is a key part of the acoustics finishes design delivering a tonally balanced listening experience ’.
Merchants Hall
The Merchant ’ s Hall is another circular space offering similar acoustic challenges . Once again Oscar Acoustics installed Oscar Elite acoustic plaster .
La Dame de Pic Restaurant
This two Michelin-starred French restaurant from renowned chef Anne-Marie Pic is the perfect place for an intimate dinner a deux or a productive business lunch . This beautiful space has high ceilings , a dual aspect with double-height windows along with mirrored pillars and beautiful bas relief . Mishandled , this room could have turned into a ‘ sonic battleground ’ with the sound being reflected and bounced around the room .
To ensure the total experience is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes and stomach , Oscar Acoustics recommended its patented Evo-Blade technology was used in conjunction with Oscar Elite acoustic plaster . Evo-Blade is an infinity-edge profile ( or floating ceiling blade ), its recently launched ceiling detail .
Visually , the restaurant ceiling rafts appear to be elegant and wafer thin . However , this is an optical illusion created by the Evo-Blade , which disguises the build-up of metal ceiling channel , two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard and 27mm of acoustic plaster , delivering the room ’ s amazing sound quality , Yet to the diner , it only looks like a statement lighting ceiling .
Commenting on the project , Ben Hancock at Oscar Acoustics said , ‘ We all know how frustrating it is to go to a beautiful hotel or restaurant , yet hear a cacophony of noise . Not only does it stop you following conversations , but it also stops you enjoying a relaxing ambience , which in turn has been proven in some cases to prevent people returning to the venue . As you would expect of a hotel such as the Four Seasons , the upmost care has gone into creating a wonderful guest experience and building the acoustic elements into the project ’.
Photography : Four Seasons , 10 Trinity Square
WEBSITE : www . oscar-acoustics . co . uk